What are the Possible Reasons for Writer’s Block

Possible Reasons for Writer’s Block

Being a content writer and publishing new posts and articles becomes so hard sometimes and it happens with everyone whoever makes content like Article Writing, Books, Blog Posting, Video Content or Lyricist, etc. If you relate with these terms you might have suffered, suffering or going to be suffering from writer’s block but have you ever tried to understand the reasons behind it and how to overcome this situation because it gets serious and the creator will not be able to create content for days or weeks which can impact very heavy on his/her career. So, let’s check out some of the possible reasons for Writer’s block:

1.) Creating the same kind of content: If you are working in a particular niche this might be the reason for you to face writer’s block. Suppose you are creating content or writing about health and fitness since a very long period of time and you have covered a lot of topics related to Health and Fitness and now you will be looking for another Unique topic to write about but there is nothing you can find because you already have so much in your mind in your niche and things are rotating continuously in the same manner. If you find a topic in that mindset then it will be a hard word to write because you force yourself to figure that topic out.

Now, If you think it’s happening with you then what are things you can do:

How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

  • Take a break, Spent some time in finding a most related niche.
  • Talk about it with your friends and ask them about “What should you write?”. This might sound a bit strange but it works.

2.) Too High Expectations: When you achieve a level by creating unique and powerful content for the audience then the expectations become too high of your audience and also expectations from yourself as well. Believe me,  This is a good sign for your career and it happens with every great writer. You can start with any kind of content you want to post and share with your friends to gain popularity or earning but once you have reached the level where people starts recognizing by your work then you may face writer’s block because you have to work according to their expectations.

Try this if this the case for you:

  • Go forward and tell your audience about you are facing this problem. Their replies will automatically give you a solution.

3.) Distractions: Your Surrounding plays a huge role in writing content and if it’s matching with a comfortable environment then it will felt like writer’s block. This mostly happens with wrong time chosen by you to write something because of a lot of things might be happening in your surrounding and that may distract you from the topic.

How not to get distracted:

  • Fix a time which no one can disturb you and disconnect social media at that time

In my case, I mostly got distracted but fixing Time works for me.