Digital Marketing

Is it Difficult to Learn Digital Marketing?

How to do digital marketing

No, Digital Marketing is not difficult to learn at all you will know yourself once you get started with it but when it comes learning all the aspects of Digital Marketing you need consult with an experienced person in the Search field. Digital Marketing is quite a very big field with all its topics like

  • Online Brand Promotion
  • Engine Optimization
  • Generating Leads from Social Media
  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Online Paid Marketing
  • Online Press Releases, etc.

There are many more topics which are included in Digital Marketing and some of them are hard to learn for a beginner for example; a beginner can never run a successful paid promotion campaign on search engine or social media websites. So, how to know what things are easy to understand in digital marketing and where to start your career in this growing market. It is important to know “What is digital marketing should you learn first” because if you choose a topic which is difficult to understand or execute its techniques in the start then it may lead you to leave this field once and for all.

What are the topics in digital marketing is easy and where to start with?

I recommend you to start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization).

  • Why with SMO: Almost everyone has their accounts or profiles on Social Networking Sites and we are familiar with its features and layout where you already know; how to post a product and service information on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and how to share it with friends in your circle. Social Media Optimization is quite similar to the whole process so, it’s easily understandable and a way to good to start with.
  • Why with SEO: The use of smartphone is increasing day by day which makes larger number user base for search engine like Google and if you are here reading this article you must have used Google Search Engine on daily basis. Search Engine Optimization is all about optimizing a website on the top result on search results. Most of its techniques are easy to understand.

Which are difficult topics to learn in Digital Marketing?

Planning and executing a paid marketing campaign is a bit hard to learn in the beginning and you also require to learn some of the HTML Tags and attribute which is also not a thing to understand easily:

  • Paid Campaigns: It requires a lot of experience to successfully execute the campaign and you have to learn about competitor analysis, a lot of keyword research and a little mathematics to understand metric and understanding of the tool