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Pay Yourself – Concept of Being Rich

What is the pay yourself first concept?

While working for someone, everyone expects money in return but that will be a fixed amount of money you will be getting by paid from your seniors. Yes, you might have more chances to get promoted and getting a higher amount but that also will not make you rich as you wanted to be. What I mean to say is no will become financially rich only by doing a regular job you need to start exploring yourself to a whole new scale. If you agree with that you can start your own business or work as a freelancer. The whole concept of  “Pay Yourself” is based on “Work for own Business”. So, let’s discuss some advantages of starting your own business and earn huge profit.

Benefits of Staring your own business:

  • Workflow functions as you command: As you are the owner of the company all the work will function according to you. You can even experiment with your techniques for improving your business services and earn more. If you are having
  • The More you work, the more you earn: Your Company’s turn over depends on you, if you are working hard than the profit will increase accordingly.
  • Independence: When you are the boss of your own you don’t have to ask someone to take rest or enjoy holidays you can plan your vacations wit your choice and most importantly you can even work from home.
  • Work Extra to Achieve Bigger: if  you work extra as an employee for someone else you will get a fixed stippend in return but definitely not, what you deserve but while working for your own business just a small extra work can pay you a lot.
  • You Can Set work Limit: Time is precious and you can set you can working hours according to your comfirt. 
  • You can do what you love to work all the day, no one is ever going to interupt or force you to perform other activities.
  • More Learning: When you are owning a business there will be more challenges for you to face on daily basis and there will be more learning for you.
  • Can Expand Yourself: You can take decisions to expand you and your business to make it bigger.

Benefits of working as a freelancer:

  • Flexibility: This is the reason, most of the freelancers quit their job and starting as an independent birds.
  • Small works and Huge benefits: There are many projects you can acquire from the market according to your profile and most of them will take shorter duration of time to complete but will pay you a good amount of money
  • New Skills: Working in your profile continuously makes you realize about potential. You will automatically look forward to learning more, read more and achieve more.
  • Work in Favourite Environment: As a freelancer, you can work from your favorite destination.


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