How Google Search Engine Works | Web Crawlers

how google search engine works

Google nowadays considered as the grandfather of the internet. We all love to use Google Search Engine to browse various websites on the Internet. Google’s amazing search Algorithm filters the most relevant result for any query that a user is looking for.

As Google itself a website, have you ever wonder how it displays the most accurate results in its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). So, the question is how Google finds a website to show the user and how it actually works?

How google search actually works

So, Google is a website that gives result to land on relevant information according to a specific query. Let’s check what are the processes and factors are responsible for the whole procedure:

Firstly, one thing you need to keep in mind is, not every website on the internet is available to Google. It took around 1 to 2 week to index a new website of Google’s search engine result page because the search engine runs its codes and algorithms to scan all the website on the internet to store information in its database.

Search Engine Working

So, whenever we search something on Google, it will into its database and display results accordingly but only those results which have been indexed and stored in the database not every live website on the internet.

Now comes the big question, How did Google decide which website to index and which website to be ignored.

Of Course, Google does not use any kind of magic stick to give useful information to the user because they don’t have any. So, they created some programs, codes, and algorithm and runs these algorithms and codes Google uses Spiders or Web-Crawlers.

how web crawlers works

What are Spiders/Crawlers:

Spiders are code/programs/crawlers which are responsible for scanning the websites on the internet.
Suppose if I request Google to send spiders to scan my website for indexing that it will come to my website and scan some elements/codes and content of the website that also includes the title, description, and links available on the webpage and a hyperlink is like a bridge to go from one website to another for crawlers/spiders. Every time it finds a hyperlink, the spider will start crawling the webpage which connected with that particular web address.

Suppose, a webpage has 10 external links (pointing to pages on another websites) that spiders will separate and start crawling those 10 pages with same procedure of scanning content, title, description and finding more hyperlinks. In this way, Spiders Crawl/Scan the whole internet to fill the database of their search Engine.

How Google Spider works

Now, We know how the search engine or it crawlers collect the data from the millions of the website and the question comes in our minds is how it displays data in top search results. There are some basic factors which play a big role in the search result ranking like Optimized Meta Tags, Canonical URLs, Content Relevancy, no. Hyperlink and Interlinks.

As Search Engine has the data of all hyperlinks and coming and going from your website it which it checks, how genuine, relevant and what is the authority score of these Links. If you have the most number of relevant incoming links (in technical language we call it “Quality Backlinks”) to your website, you will rank higher in your niche. and that’s how the “search engine result page” displays the top 10 results in your browser.

How Google Search engine works

How to Index your Website on Google Search Engine:

So, This was the Basic working of Search Engine Google and it Crawlers but Google these days becomes smart. It’s not so easy to show up on top results you have to optimize your website according to various algorithms and possible ranking factors Such as:

Traffic: If you have audience and users on your website, Google will consider it authentic and it will just not rank higher but maintain its top position as well but the question is how will you get traffic or users on your website if you are not in the clickable position in the search result.

Google search algorithm

So, The first you need to know is Google Organic search Traffic is not the way to drive users on your site, There are many other ways:

  • Social Media for Traffic: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit have some most daily users, you can content according to your niche in these platforms. If people like your content they definitely visit your website.
  • PPC/Adwords for Traffic: Google itself has a service called Adwords which charges some amount of money to display your website.

CTR (Click Through Rate): CTR is something that uses measure the number of visitors on a particular website from number searches made for the same query. Let’s take an example: Suppose, you have a website called “” and it is appearing on a 7th number of the first result on Google by the ” Best Shoe in the low budget” and suppose there are 100 users who search with the same keyword and 20 them clicks on your website then you CTR will be 20% and you have increased that percentage to gain to rank high on Google Search Engine.

Working of Google

Bounce Rate: Google Ranking is all about your website’s relevancy Score. If a user comes to your website and bounces back to the search result in a few seconds then Google might have considered it as irrelevant. So, make the first appearance more friendly for your user.

High-Quality Backlinks: Relevant In-coming links from other websites are always beneficial for Search Engine Ranking. You have got some quality backlinks from trusted sources by taking care of some quality factors like “Page Authority” “Domain Authority” and “Spam Score” of the websites from where you are taking a backlink.