Facts About 13 Reason Why

Facts About 13 Reason Why

13 Reasons why is a popular and well seen Netflix web television series which have drama and all the things that a web series needs.

As we know that there are thirteen one hour episodes that viewers can access on the website and watch it from there.

You can see Select scenes are also posted elsewhere online where the viewers can access them. The series is based on the 2007 young adult book, 13 Reasons Why, written by Jay Asher which was as well a very popular book written by most of the book lovers. The plot revolves around two highschool students, Clay Jensen and Hannah Bakerin which the latter of whom dies by suicide before the story begins which is when the story starts. She has left behind cassette tapes wherein she describes the demoralizing circumstances in her life and as well the tapes provide her version of the reasons why she died by suicide and name the people she feels are most responsible for that.

1.)A lot of things happen differently in the book than what happened in the novel. If you’ve read the Jay Asher’s novel then it is predictable that you probably already know that Netflix made a handful of changes to the story which was written differently in the novel but acted differently. In the books, Clay listens to all the tapes in one night and also that Clay’s parents are barely in the story. We also know that here isn’t as much background about the other students, and that cliffhanger with Alex doesn’t happen but that is quite diffrent.

2.) They changed Hannah’s method of suicide in the series and there is a reason for it. While Hannah swallows a handful of pills in the book about which you would have known if you had read the book, she splits her wrists in the bathtub on the show and that is difrent from what is written in the book.

According to creator Brian Yorkey, they made this alteration with a specific goal in mind and that is according to him “We worked very hard not to be gratuitous, but we did want it to be painful to observe because we wanted to be very clear that there’s nothing, in any way, worthwhile about suicide.”

3.) Why talking about it helps. It is far better to talk about the phenomenon of suicide than not to talk about it as because it can affect difrently with different people. The Netflix series strikes some viewers as tiresome, melodramatic, or too disturbing to watch where as it has sparked some helpful conversations.

Actually the truth is that when a caring person listens, empathizes, and discusses suicide with a distressed person, it decreases the chances of that distressed person ever making an attempt as because as we all know that sharing your problems with the person who cares about you always helps to reduce the distress.

Yes, suicide is an uncomfortable topic, but talking about any uncomfortable topic demonstrates your concern and your problems.

4.) Katherine Langford was cast over Skype. “I didn’t get to ascertain anyone or be super involved within the casting process,

but i feel Selena and everybody who chose to cast us was so elated,” Langford told us

5.) How to distinguish fantasy from reality. You need to be able to distinguish between reality and fantasy, death by suicide is tragic, not romantic, not glamourous, and not an effective coping strategy.

Suicide is a permanent action that causes widespread distress in all survivors and that can and will not be the solution that you are looking for. Hannah’s leaving a box of cassettes to wreak havoc on her peers. Shares something chaotic in common with Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the violently sociopathic Joker in The Dark Knight