Best Animated TV Show Cartoons

Best Animated TV Show Cartoons

The painterly style of Walt Disney’s feature films introduced animation to generations of viewers and mostly they are liked by all of them. On the other hand for decades we’ve seen that the cartoons that aired on American TV were tons dumber and sloppier than their big-screen counterparts which were a sort of disappointment. Disney’s work was art which actually had televised animation that was broad, cheaply produced and mostly that was aimed at an indifferent, younger audience who could watch it.

Western cartoons are something we can call funny. We also know that annually the American animated movies hoisting Oscars over their heads. And they are normally the ones consumed by kids and marketed for families and designed to make everyone laugh and feel good about them and most importantly they can be watched by all age groups.

We still love the older comedies and animation classics of the past becaue they were really very good and we all enjoy watching it. We can also say that even the toons meant for kids are still some of the best ever and kids normally used to love those things. Some of the best and mostly liked cartoons that are mentioned here and mostly liked by the kids are given below.


1) Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008-2020)

For any fan of the Star Wars movies or the people who loves watching it, The Clone Wars picks up right in between the stories you saw on the big screen in the early aughts. Clone Wars feels distinctly Star Wars despite being animated where as star wars was not. Between creating new heroes which includes Ahsoka Tano and reviving old foes (Darth Maul), Clone Wars is a fun ride in a galaxy far, far away and kids like watching it.

2) SpongeBob SquarePants (1999 – Present)

In terms of cultural capital there is something that is lived by the kids and that is SpongeBob. It should probably be much higher on this list because it was quiet the famous. The show is the collective fever dream of nostalgia for millennials which is actually something so mainstream it’s somehow turned into a cult and basically the only way we communicate with each other. There are more SpongeBob memes than probably any other show we have ever seen or heard about, it is probably one of the most famous ones. Tired naked SpongeBob leaning on his knees

3) Over the Garden Wall (2014)

We can actually say that this is wonderfully strange animated miniseries debuted just a few years ago on Cartoon Network and it is still owing to its surprising allure, it has already established itself as an all-time great and have become quite the famous among the kids.

As we have seen that at first, the series is mystifying. On the other hand when the characters assert themselves and all the weirdness resolves around the characters it actually turns Over the Garden Wall into not just a fairy tale but a sliver of a coming-of-age story. With reverence for both the real world and the need to run away from it, it actually turns out to be a great story if all ages.

4) Rocky and Bullwinkle (Various)

If I am being real with you that every version of Rocky and Bullwinkle (which first hit TV way back in 1960) is actually and really fantastic. This moose, and this squirrel which, to be frank, are comedy gold together and have the capability to make anyone laugh.
Even the much-maligned 2000 movie is secretly great .

5) The Powerpuff Girls (1998-2005)

While female-led cartoons still remain few and normally are very rare and far between, these three bobble-headed heroines redefined what a “girls’ show” could be. It actually is created by Craig McCracken, the mind behind the equally zany and creative Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Powerpuff Girls is about female heroes, which is but really for everyone. The members of this trio were equalizers on-screen, bravely facing villains as they learned self-assurance and how to work as a team and this team work actually helps them.