Which Programming Language Should You Learn First

Best programming language to learn

It might be hard for you to choose your first programming language. Let’s talk through some of the concerns that you might have

Well, many of the programmers have successful careers with knowledge of only one programming language and many developers know several different languages and change their focus until they find the right one of them. So, whatever language you want to start with, it does not have to be the only language you ever learn to expect to learn many different programming languages.

How to Pick First Right Programming Language To Learn First

Programming languages may look very different from each other while syntax or rules vary between languages. Each language was developed to solve specific problems all of them share some common concepts like; learning one language will make it easier to learn the next programming language and as you pick up your next programming language you will learn more about the first programming language that you probably miss the first time.

 “what if I pick the wrong language?”

If you feel like this, you may have picked the language with a syntax that is too babbling but you may also good for you to face new challenges and learn more. If you’re following a good tutorial it should even be fun but after you learn the basics concepts of something you may find that the next concept is more challenging. Well, you may also want to give up that’s when you’ll want to work even harder push through your confusion take good notes and learn as you can by pushing yourself.

So,what programming language should I learn? You will find yourself offering your own advice to others just getting started.

Here the main modern programming languages that you’ll likely be considering.

People often begin by learning HTML and CSS because these two languages are essential for creating normal static web pages. Every page on the web uses HTML and CSS to some degree from simple web sites to huge and complex applications.

HTML or hypertext mark up language structures all the text, links and other content like images and videos on the website.

CSS or cascading style sheets is the language that helps the web page look the way that it does. The color, the layout and other visuals that we call style.

Now if you’re interested in making websites, you’ll definitely want to start with HTML and CSS.

JavaScript is undoubtedly the first programming language for many developers and programmer. It’s the next logical step after learning HTML and CSS. Javascript started out as a simple web programming language intended to add a few interactive features to web sites. However, it’s grown into a powerful programming language used on nearly every web site in the world.
You can use JavaScript to add effects like a lightbox or a cool scrolling effect and also used in projects outside of web browsers like hardware or desktop applications. Learning JavaScript will put you in a good place as it’s a general-purpose language.

PHP is the most popular web language it’s also one of the first accessible programming languages. Designed for manipulating information on websites. PHP started out in 1994 as a personal homepage. Its tools were built by Rasmus Lew Dorf to add basic interactivity to his personal website. Then in 1995 PHP tools were released to the world and other developers learned about it and started using it two programmers really liked. PHP and collaborate with Rasmus to develop a new independent programming language called PHP hypertext preprocessor but we all call it PHP.

Now if u used Wikipedia or Facebook you’ve used the site powered by PHP. Almost 27 percent of the web is built with PHP. People love PHP because it allows you to add dynamic information to websites very easily and it’s great at manipulating databases. So that you can access and store information about your users.

Python is a general-purpose language that is used for everything from server automation to data science now you might think that Python is named after the snake but it’s actually named after the British comedy group Monty Python thanks to this. Python is a great language for beginners because it’s easy to read and understand anything you want to do it with Python. So it’s a language that you can stick with for quite a while before needing something else. It employs a batteries-included approach and there are many available for you to follow Instagram, for example, was created with Python. The government uses Python to do statistical analysis and visualization Disney Pixar and Lucas film uses Python to add more realistic effects in their movies big websites like YouTube, Instagram and Reedit use Python.

Ruby is often associated with the rails framework that helped popularize it. It was created in the mid-90s by you Kiera mots Matsumoto used widely among web startups. Ruby on rails makes it easy to transform an idea into a prototype and later into a working application.
Now, as a result, many tech startups and programmers use Ruby to build the early version of their applications sites like Hulu, Basecamp and Airbnb use Ruby on rails.

Objective C and Swift are two languages that are used for the same purpose making apps for Apple devices like the iPhone or the iPad. Objective C can be a bit verbose and challenging to learn but it is very rewarding because you’ll be able to make apps for any Apple device.
Swift is the most recent app creating a language that is recommended for newer apple developers. Since it is intentionally easier to read and get you up and running first released in the year 2000.

C-sharp was created by Microsoft. However just because it was created by Microsoft it doesn’t mean that the C-sharp language can only be used for Windows. Application C-sharp is a general-purpose programming language, that is used for video games with the unity game. Engine writing web servers and mobile applications and one of the goals the designers of C-sharp had was to create a programming language that was less prone to errors, that means it’s harder to write software that will crash when it runs this helps you to avoid all sorts of headaches and makes coding a lot more fun now despite its name Java is not related to JavaScript.

Java was created in 1995 by Sun Microsystems to embed in physical devices like television. Today Java is used to power web applications like Amazon and Gmail in admission critical enterprise applications like banks and hospitals. It also powers Android apps. So it’s a good choice for those inclined to mobile development. Kotlin isn’t easier to read and more code efficient version of Java, that was created by Jet brains in 2011. But you’ll want to learn Java first before you can truly understand and take advantage of the coding simplicity that Collin offers.

Well, plenty of people will gladly tell you exactly what language to learn. Here are a few considerations:

What do you want to do?

If you’re interested in working for a specific company you’ll want to take a look at their job boards. They’ll list specific requirements, now don’t worry if you don’t meet any of them. Now you will but this will give you an idea of the direction that you’re heading.

What do you want to build?

This is one of the most challenging questions to answer what do you want to build if you have an idea for a project you might already be creating it knowing what you want to make solves the what programming language should I learn the first question quickly because the language is just a tool to get you where you want to go. If you don’t know what you want to make check out this sites it has a list of projects that can be completed in any language treat them like puzzles and start with the easiest ones. Once you select the language you’ll discover that there are tons of resources for learning it.

There are podcasts video tutorials, books, apps conferences meetups just tons of things and while it’s challenging to filter out what’s most valuable as most of these resources are going to be talking about things that  you won’t understand yet you want to immerse yourself in the language and take it all in, but the most important thing is that you’ve decided to learn to code.

Congratulations that’s a huge step and if you’ve made it. Thus far I can tell you something you’re going to love it.
Remember coding is fun and therefore learning to code should be fun to sit.
Don’t let these early decisions stress you out. You got this stick with.