What is SEO | How Search Engine Optimization Works

What is SEO how its works

What is SEO:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a Technique; We use to Optimize our webpage or content according to latest algorithms updates, under the parameters of “Search Engine” to gain traffic or visitors to your website. It is not a one-time task it’s an ongoing activity that goes side by side in the way to want index your webpage on Search Engine (Google). Keywords play an important role in the whole process just your “target audience” in Digital Marketing. So, you need to work hard on keyword analysis to find the best search keywords for your website. In short, optimizing keywords on a site according to the rules of Search Engine is called SEO.

SEO is complete online activity as Google is an online tool for search queries and it has some techniques which you can use to optimize your website partially and easily, some it’s techniques takes longer to execute while others are shorter and technical. These techniques of SEO are generally classified into two divisions:

  • ON Page SEO
  • OFF Page SEO

We will study these SEO techniques deeply soon in other Chapter.

New Comers is this field of SEO, generally asks: How Much Time It Will Take to Rank my Website on NO.1 with the help of SEO?

See, One thing you need to understand is, Never commit the accurate the time of results while working on an SEO project. There are numerous factors that effect your SEO ranking. As an Answer we Generally says “It Took around 3 to 5 months to rank on no.1 place of Google search engine depending on keyword and competetion.

But, There are Ways to Rank a Website on SEO in a short duration and that is call “Black Hat” SEO and This is an unethical way. There are three types of SEO, When it comes to Morality:

  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat
  • Black Hat

How SEO Works?

Every Search Engine has its own way of displaying search results according to their algorithm. Let us take an example of Google; the main motto of Google is to provide web results in an organized manner. So, a user easily puts a hand on the product, service or information he is looking for. You can easily affect your webpage ranking by maintaining the highest points in terms of quality of your website, authority of your site and the most relevant information that the user is looking for. There are different factors affecting the indexation of a site on Google Such as Meta tags on your page, the user interface is good or not, your website page speed, keyword density, heading tags, backlinks score and many more. There are two main factors who are responsible for your website ranking and you need to take care of these things are Content and Interlinking. Interlinking is important from its earliest days of SEO and still one of the best indicators of a webpage’s performance to Google. The more high quality and relevant links you got, the higher your website will appear on the search engine result page.

As we know Keywords are a most important part of SEO and it also plays a huge in content writing and content optimizing as well for SEO. If you go for a Digital Marketing course or tutorial, the trainer will always start explaining how do we plan keywords When optimizing content, try to put your keywords in the context in an organic manner. In this way, your keyword targeting will be relevant for the user.

Trust factor and Spam Score is also running an opponent against your SEO efforts. Spamming is like the evil sister of SEO, that can make your site invisible from any search engine not just from Google. Unfortunately, there are many evil factors you need take care while optimizing your webpage like; Keyword stuffing, unnecessary or harmful (outbound or inbound) links, promoting illegal ads services, cloaking, etc.

The way of displaying your webpage on a search result is identifying the phrases and expressions that describe the page best and giving relevant information according to particular keywords. All the process of crawling of the website and indexing that page is done in microseconds, no human is efficient of doing this so, every search has its bots (robots) for this task. That’s the way you usually see millions result just searching it on Google where most relevant results come on the first rank because has been optimized according to algorithms for Google.