What is Search Engine and Its Types

what is search engine

Search Engine: It is a program or tool that has been created to find relevant information to the user’s query. It simply re-fine the keyword and shows the most related item on the result page. Web Search Engines are no different, they also do the same work but online and these search engines follow some algorithm which helps them to provide most genuine and useful information to the user.

Types: There are basically 3 types of search engine online according to their working method:

  • Crawler Based: It works on crawler which is use crawl website and its features to index the website on a particular rank (Just Like Google)
  • Directory-based: Human based directories also known as open directory search system depends on a user based activities for business.
  • Hybrid: These Search Engines uses both crawler-based and manual indexing for webpage and the sites in the result page. Crawler-based search engines like Google uses crawlers/spider as a primary function and directory-based method as a secondary mechanism.
Types of search engines

Examples of Web Based Search Engines:

  • Google: Very Firstly and most obviously, Google is the most used and most popular search Engine around the Globe that uses Crawlers or bots to index results on a search page.
  • Bing: Microsoft is very working hard to get in the competition as it is a default search engine in Internet Explorer which comes by default in every device which runs on a windows operating system.
  • Yahoo: There was a time when Yahoo! Is the most considerable company which deals in online services and product but after the emerging of Google’s Search engine and email service. Yahoo got constantly faded away but it is still famous for providing email services.
  • Baidu: It was founded in 2000 and it’s the most popular search engine across china because Google and its products are not functional in the country. Baidu is getting queries in billion per month and it is ranked no.4 by alexa.
  • Ask is basically based on question/answer format and its shares 0.4 % search queries. It is also using crawler-based functionality but no able match result quality of Google or Bing.

Uses of Search Engine:

uses of  search engine

Generally, people use web search engines to get information about any topic, product, services or for research, Shopping, Music, Movies, Entertainment, games, social networking, etc. Suppose you want to buy a product, you just need to simply put your query in the search box of Google and It will give a number of option in the results page. Search engines can even show you the variety of products that you cannot see in the local market.

How search engine work:

how  search engine works

take an example of Google, It works on some mathematical algorithms which are based on different aspects of a webpage structure. By using its algorithm it finally shows the most relevant information to the user. There are a number of factors that are responsible for a top indexed page like Keyword Density, Content, Links, etc.