What Are The Types of SEO – Black Hat vs White Hat

What are the basic types of SEO?

There are many different ways of performing SEO but majorly SEO is classified into three categories:

  • White Hat
  • Black Hat
  • Grey Hat

Many Agency and SEO Experts Works on almost the same method of Improving the Rank of a website. Some of them Work with ethical ways to represent genuine data of a website to Search Engine Bot. This may take some longer time duration for google to completely understand the website and to rank it on a specific position.

So, Let’s talk about these methods in details:

White Hat SEO:

The SEO you are aware of is a white hat that takes more time to get ranked on the top results of Search Engine. This is the genuine method of promoting a website and Google loves websites with White Hat SEO. It follows the official rules of the search engine. Once you are get ranked white hat technique, your website will stay on the top position for a longer duration of time if you keep maintaining your genuine activities

How To Do White Hat SEO:

  • Maintain Good Keyword Density Ratio in Content
  • Earn Relevant Backlinks
  • Eliminate any Hidden Content from the website
  • Follow the latest search engine’s algorithms and optimize your web page accordingly

Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat is a technique that helps a website to rank or index faster by representing wrong information to search and it is completely opposite to white hat SEO. Black Hat SEO is not to do a thing when it comes to optimizing your genuine website. Yes, it helps your website to rank fast but it also can vanish the name of the website from the search result if a bot understands, what you are doing. It can even penalize your website for a lifetime.

How To Do Black Hat SEO:

  • Stuff Keywords in Meta Tag
  • Gain Too many Backlinks at once
  • Hiding Content with keywords
  • Spam Pinging

Grey Hat SEO:

Grey Hat is a mixture of Black and White Hat SEO. This can help you to rank higher by doing some black hat activities but with a proper understanding of the implementation of those techniques. Grey Hat Techniques are very much dependent on the latest algorithm information rolled-out from search engines. So, keep your eye on algorithm updates to apply its techniques on your site.

How To Do Grey Hat SEO

  • Share Multiple links on Social Media Networks by Multiple time
  • Allow User to comment and add content
  • Add External Links on your website
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