My Top 5 Search Engine Ranking Method on Google

How to get top ranking on Google

You might have aware of those regular tips, tricks or techniques to a website on Google or any other Search engine but do you even know, are those works or not for your SEO. Here am going to share with you guys those 5 techniques which I use personally that can any website on Google’s first page. By using these methods you can easily rank and you don’t need to perform other SEO activity.

1.) Linking Internal links (Interlinking): This activity of on-page is far more effective than you think. You may have heard of that, Use Hyperlink pointing to the page that you are promoting which is a very basic and effective technique but adding more relevant interlinks in website content pointing to relevant pages can help to improve your website’s SEO ranking drastically. It is also important to connect the web site’s content with other pages for your users to read more and travel more from one page to other this will also help to improve the bounce rate. I also recommend using breadcrumb in all the pages of a website. By Interlinking, it is also helpful for Google bot to crawl and travel through your website easily. You can also insert a Title tag on the linked text but it should be relevant.

2.) Schema (Rich Results): Yes, Schema helps your website ranking very effectively. There are some obvious reasons for the schema to gain traffic on your site:

  • Your website will look unique and more informative on the search result page.
  • You can multiple types of schema depending on the webpage you are promoting:
    • Use star rating for service page
    • Use Event schema for the event-related page
    • Use Question/Answer Schema for Blog Page etc

3.) Meta Tags: There are some most important SEO tags like title and meta description. After optimizing these two critical tags you also need to focus on other meta content like

  • Canonical Tag: Which helps Google bot to understand the exact URL you promoting on search engine
  • OG Tag: Use Open Graph tags on your page define the title, description, images, URL, etc for social media platform. So. whenever you share a link on social media, it will automatically fetch details from your OG Tags

4.) Mobile-Friendly Pages: Make sure your website pages are mobile responsive and loading fast in all screen. you can use a mobile-friendly testing tool made by Google itself for testing the resources on your webpage to load more sufficiently on a different screen and especially on mobile devices. It is also important to make your webpage responsive to the user point of view. If a user is not able to read or understand the content in your site then definitely he/she will go back on a search result and visit another website.

5.) High-Quality Live Do-Follow Backlinks: Building a huge amount of backlinks doesn’t work for you instead create less backlink but ensure the quality of the site that you are registering on. Try to focus on the websites which are giving a “Do-Follow” Backlink with submission.


Top 5 SEO Ranking Method