Top Social Media Sites

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Top Social Media Sites

Facebook is worlds No 1 social media site that has millions of user daily use. Facebook and connects with friends and family. Facebook is American online social media that total $15 billion USD and total assets $84.54 billion USD in 2017 facebook is free social connect with live people sometime Users make fake iD and Facebook is now most criticize in Hacking Data and no secure user chat. Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is Facebook Chairman and Ceo Facebook generate high growth in social platform very easy to use and stay connect lost friends Facebook developed millions Page connects with high Secure Programme and Facebook have Watch Video Programme System People watch short videos and Play Games with Great Community Facebook is Today High People Audience in App. People Chat Share Post in Friends and Comments with. top social media sites

WhatsApp is World No 2 Users Available in Every country But some country is not allowed Whatsapp that’s every Online user main chatbox is WhatsApp this App have Multiroom chat in Groups and Single Chat System But Today Some Bad Users Share Fake News in Group or Chat and Different Problems Face in Whatsapp users and Developers. Whatsapp is Owned of Facebook in 19B USD total amount is big but Whatsapp app have No add system rules create and Whatsapp not generated money but Facebook use it to read and learn to Whatsapp Users Internet Impression of Shopping and Find any Product. Whatsapp such a big user and main things its light and Fast Massages send and Video with voice audio. top social media sites

Wechat is Most advance chat system app of China where are not available Whatsapp Such a Big Impression with Social media in Live chat converted what with send different types of stickers and GIf this amazing and Video call system in 2018 what create Worlds Largest standalone mobile Apps by monthly active users, what have over 1B user monthly active, chitchat have multimedia massaging with send videos audios and video-voice call system Wechat have joined up to 500 people in a Group such a big Number in social chat people chat free voice and video calls in internet connection Wechat have the Better privacy of data and use a low amount of data in app use, people have Multi-language with real-time location.

Qzone is Another China Developed app that have Billion of a user in Active Qzone is the developer of Tencent who is Develope PUBG  A game that that crate today’s high demand game in Online live peoples, QQ chat and call is available in 80 countries with free download QQ translate chat in the Business system is Good quality with people create community in different users QQ can access Video calls and voice calls of free and share photos and Videos with friends.

Instagram is the most awaited app in a list such a great user creating now online social media have change people see Instagram in their favorite celebrities in stories section, people have daily see the updated post and Like with comment love one’s people have great enjoyment in use of Instagram facebook owned of Instagram to connects two apps with a build of great user value, Instagram has lots of filters and animation everything is nice and perfect now Instagram have INSTA TV that has people watch videos vertical format.

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