Is There Any Difference in Seo Technique for and

How do I do SEO on Google sites?

While on SEO to rank keyword on a specific search engine, you might get confused by the extensions used by google search engine but there is no need to worry about it you just need to understand the difference between Google’s domain extensions like .com,,,, etc. The first you need to know is, All these extensions are the based country-specific results for example: if you search on for “National Flag” it will automatically show up with India’s National Flag in search results but same if you search it will display Pakistan’s National Flag and same goes on with or, etc.

As you now have understood the difference between domain extensions lets discuss SEO Techniques for the same. First of all, if you are targeting the global audience you have to choose a global domain extension like .com, .net, org, etc which is very necessary but if you register your website on “.in” domain you will get ranked on global targeted keywords.

The search results may not much different if you are in India and searching for India specific products, service or information on as it works as you geographical location results but suppose you are promoting UK (United Kingdom)  based service or product website from India than you may face some problems while indexing the website on top results.

So, what are techniques you can use to perform well on another country’s search engine:

1.) Get Backlinks from Local Websites: Google search bot usually look for incoming links to your site, if these links are coming from relevant and local quality sites than you have more chances to rank. These links also help in gaining traffic to your website.

2.) Use IP Changer for SEO to Perform SEO activity: After implementing all of your SEO techniques and not getting results is the signal to change your IP Address to that geographical location to manipulate the search engine algorithm. You can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for that.

3.) List your business Of GMB and add Website: It is very essential to add your website on “Google My Business” because whenever someone searches about  your business on Search Engine from the local area than your business listing will appear in the search results and your website as well and it has more chances to receive visitors for your site and GMB also has some features that surely helps local businesses to grow like; a map of location, opening & closing hours, contact details etc.

4.) Write Content in Local Language: When we talk about the English Language, consider “English US” as the default language but if are you promoting your site on you have to write your content in “English UK” because UK based search engine considers as “English UK” as default and local language.

I hope these things will work for you and you can easily manage if you have any challenge in promoting any website on Google’s other domain extensions like,,, etc. 

Difference in Seo Techniques for Country Specific Information