When to Use PPC or Adwords for Small Businesses?

PPC or Adwords for Small Businesses

PPC (Pay Per Click) also called CPC (Cost Per Click) or Google Adwords is used to advertise your business, product or service directly on top results of the search engine by paying some amount of money to Google. This Paid advertising platform is owned by Google itself and it is completely genuine with the deduction of your money. So, before starting the topic let’s have a look at the benefits of Google Adwords promotion for your business:

Benefits of PPC:

  • You can get instantly visible on Search Engine’s top results
  • The amount will be deducted after you get a click on your result
  • Guaranteed Leads
  • Easy to Manage Campaign
  • Variety of ads and display networks
  • Ad will be visible to the targeted audience

Once you get started with promoting your business online on search engine and other networks you might not get business leads in the beginning and organic SEO results also take longer time to rank on the first page.

So, the right time to start working on AdWords or paid promotion is “in the beginning” because it helps to increase your business visibility in front of directly to the customers and helps your website and social networks to gain some useful visitors.

Why should you use PPC or Adwords in the beginning:

  • You will start getting business leads in the very beginning.
  • Paid Traffic also helps your Website to grow organically of Search Engine Result Page.
  • The cost of leads campaign is measurable, you easily track every single penny that has been spent on Google Adwords.
  • A successful campaign will give you the confidence to perform more online marketing activities.
  • The more you spent the more you receive.
  • Kill the competition: If you are showing up at the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) than your competitors no chance of getting any business from online search at least not from Google
  • You can target a number of keywords
  • Adwords comes with its own keyword research tool

What are things you need to take care while working with Google AdWords

  • Be specific with the content explain your business, product or service very carefully that matches with keywords
  • Use of ad extensions in your search ads; Use full of it, apply the maximum number of relevant extensions ie; Call, Location, Sitelink Extention, etc.
  • Always track your payment