Latest Search Engine Algorithm Update and its Effect on SEO

Latest Search Engine Algorithm

When we talk about Google and its algorithm updates, It’s hard to take care of every single update that matters for your site sites ranking because Google releases over 500 updates in his own algorithm every year. The ranking updates are directly connected with Google’s algorithm changes/updates that search engines collect. Since Google is the king in the search marketing, any changes in its Algorithm update are crucial to optimize your website.


What is Google Algorithm

In the world of Computers and Bots every application uses mathematical equation or code to run a dynamic function that signifies what to do when the user made an activity. Search engines also have a mathematical algorithm that considers the parameters of Google search Indexing system.

Search Engines have a large history of Updates and Changes in the algorithm of better results. Here we some Google Latest Algorithm Updates, consider these things while optimizing your website:

1. Google Hummingbird Update

Latest Search Engine Algorithm hummingbird update

Humming Bird Update was initially released in the year 2013 that consider more than 200 factors while indexing your website of search results. This update has been made by taking care of mobile devices and their usage. One of Hummingbird’s work was to render semantic inquiry from an idea to a reality.

2. Google Penguin Update

latest google update 2020

Released in April 2012 to counter the activities of spammer. The essential explanation for this refresh was to punish sites that utilization manipulative strategies for accomplishing high rankings. The basic Application of this update is:

  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Spammy Link
  • Low Quality Backlinks
  • Over Optimization

3. Google Panda Update

It is a powerful update based on the quality of content. Google Panda was very effective in making a ranking of whole sites or a particular section rather than specific pages on a site. Some of the key functions of Panda Update that you need take care while optimizing your page:

  • Page Should have Different keyword target on each page
  • Provide Unique Content with relevancy of keywords
  • Page Should have good Text, Images and Code ratio
  • New Content
  • Take Care of Sponsored Links
  • Bundle of External links on a page

4. Google Pigeon Update

Another Algorithm update that signifies that give importance to local business. Google uses your device location and your keyword phrase to the nearest result. It is very beneficial for local businesses as it affects Google maps show-listing and business details to the searcher.

Besides Location tracking pigeon gave importance to strong domains and check over-optimization of your website.

Mobile Friendly Update

google mobile friendly update search algorithm

This Update check Mobile-friendliness and responsiveness of a website to be indexed on the first page of Google, by the increased use of smartphones, search engine decided to show responsive website on top results because there is no sense if a website is on 1 st ranked but it’s opening correctly of mobile devices. Google also has a function called Accelerated mobile page which defers some scripts from a web page and helps it load faster. The mobile-friendly update also focuses on the speed of web pages because most user doesn’t like to wait if your site is not loading in 5 or fewer seconds.