How Many Backlinks To Rank A Website On Google

How many backlinks do I need

It’s a very solid question and the reason why I say that is because there’s a scientific way for you to find out how many links you actually need to rank a website on top results of a search engine. There was a time when backlinks play a huge in website’s ranking on Google or you can say it was the biggest factor for SEO ranking but the question is; do you need to create a large number of backlinks? and if yes, how many backlinks you need to rank a website on Google.

I will say, Backlinks are still an important factor for ranking and there is an easy way find out the number of backlinks you required but before getting started let’s have a look on the requirements for checking the method of backlink count:

  • A Primary Keyword with High Search Volume
  • Verified Google Search Console Account

There are some online tools available to check the total number of backlinks of any website but most of the paid and cost is very high but we are going to learn about a free method for the same and believe me this will going will to work very fine for you when is to come to backlinks for SEO. This method or technique is called “Backlink Competitor Analysis” all you need to do is; open Google search engine and type your primary competitor landing page in “Inverted Commas” (“). For example; You have a website in which you are selling printed T-shirts in New York City and your keyword in “Printed T Shirts in New York City” and you will some results of the competitor who are selling the same products so, simply just pick one of your competitor websites and put this in inverted commas and search it on Google and you will get result of complete list where this competitor has created backlinks which are indexed by Google. This list is the answer to your question about backlink creation.