4 Easy Ways to Start Investing with Little Money

4 Easy Ways to Start Investing with Little Money

Do you have little savings and think you will never be able to invest? Wrong! Even with 100 €, many possibilities are available to you. From real estate to PER via the stock market, there are plenty of opportunities. A small budget will not prevent you from making some investments that can prove profitable in the long term. Here are 7 interesting investment ideas for investing your €100. Follow the leader!jordan 4 military black nfl gear fantasy football trophy sex toys online full lace wigs nike air max 270 sale best couples sex toys adidas yeezy slides wigs sale adidas yeezy foam runner onyx buffalo bills gear nike air max 98 nike air jordan black how to use rose sex toy adidas women sneakers

Invest in real estate

What to do with 100 euros? Not much in your opinion? Not so sure! In fact, you can invest with a small budget and even in real estate thanks to participative investment, or real estate crowdfunding. This consists of financing a real estate project by lending a sum of money to the promoter. The transfer is made via specialized platforms. Once the real estate project is completed, the money invested is returned to the investor, often after two or three years. This solution is often very popular with novice investors for two reasons:

  • the promoters find enough to finance their projects, in a perfectly legal way;
  • individuals have the opportunity to invest in the real economy with attractive returns.

That’s all well and good, but beware of the dangers! The profitability of the investment may be promising, but it is not without risk: 

  • the loaned funds are blocked for the entire period of construction and marketing of the property;
  • delays can quickly lengthen;
  • the construction site can encounter all sorts of problems: concerns about construction, personnel, delivery, etc.

As you will have understood, by investing in real estate differently, you are not obliged to invest 100,000 euros, but you can get started with a much more modest sum. 


Invest in the stock market 

We always believe that we have to pay crazy sums of money to invest well, but investing €50 or €100 on the stock market is possible! Some online brokers allow investing from €10, and some stocks cost less than €5. That said, it is difficult to invest €100 on the stock market, because the shares are bought in full, and not in a fractional way. It is not possible to buy ½ share or ¼ share for example. You will necessarily have to buy stocks that cost less than €100. 

In stock markets, zero risk does not exist. It is not uncommon for new investors to experience significant capital losses in the first few months. This is why it is imperative to set yourself a budget. If this budget is $100, you have more to lose than to gain. That said, the stock market also remains an option. We can take a very diversified index on global growth such as the ETF MSI world index.

Invest in cryptocurrencies

With only €100, cryptocurrency remains the best option, wojak finance for example. With cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, there is no minimum amount required. You can invest €50, €100, €10… and buy as much in cryptocurrencies. The advantage? With cryptocurrencies, the investment is diversified.

How to invest with 100 € per month?

Do you have a savings capacity of €100 per month? There are much more profitable alternatives than simple bank books. Here are three.

life insurance

In most life insurance contracts, the beneficiary chooses the amount and frequency of payments, also called “premiums” or “contributions”. There are three kinds:

  • single payment at the opening of the contract;
  • scheduled payments on a fixed date;
  • free payments (the most frequent).

If your savings capacity is €100 or €200 per month, the scheduled payment system is very suitable. You decide in advance the pace and level of investment, which simplifies the management of your budget. Note that in the event of financial unforeseen events, it is possible to interrupt even scheduled payments, without any tax consequences.

The Equity Savings Plan (PEA)

Less known to savers, the PEA is nevertheless one of the best financial investments, particularly in terms of taxation on earnings. Like life insurance, the PEA becomes truly profitable after 8 years . Moreover, below this duration, any withdrawal automatically results in the closure of the plan. After 8 years, taxation of net gains is limited to social security contributions. Again, the rates that apply depend on the date of acquisition of the portion of the taxed gain.

If you pay €100 per month into your PEA, you will benefit from additional tax-free income after 8 years.