Does SEO Really Help Local Businesses to Grow in India?

SEO help for local business

India is a country full of big cities and there are many small who are struggling in accepting the concept for Digital World and online services and you can see in those local businesses or services on google result doesn’t value at all. People still rely on the traditional method of finding a service provider or services to fulfill their needs in small cities and rural area such as:

  • Electrician
  • Grocery shopping
  • Household repairs
  • Clothing
  • Finding a taxi, etc.

Also, there are still some rural areas in India where people use Online Search Engines only for entertainment, music, video, etc. Unfortunately, SEO will not be so useful for you if you are running a small business in a small town.

But When it comes to big cities in India, SEO is the key to success for small businesses because people or user over there use online search engines like Google much more frequently and the local business owner spent a lot of money of online promotion services like SEO, which is obvious because India is having 400 million active users on Google.

In the growing age of smartphones with a lot of features that gives power to the users to order online and avail services by sitting home is also forcing the services provider to take their business online.

Let us suppose, There are two food shop or restaurants in a specific area with almost the same quality and price of food offering, the first shop has a good online presence and the other serving their customer with the traditional method. So if people want to go there or order food then it is obvious that the first one will attract more customer because you can order food online or can check about the food online sitting at home where the other shop doesn’t even exist for those who are searching Online.

So Yeah Definitely, SEO will be very helpful for Small Local Businesses to grow.

How you can take advantage of Google services to grow your Business Online.

There are plenty of free services and methods by which you can use to grow your Small Business Online and maximize your sales:

  • First and obvious, you need to have a website. Small website will do the work for you and don’t have to make a complicated large website.
  • Add and Verify your business address on Google My Business Listing.  This will help you to display your phone number, address with location map and opening hours.
  • Get some happy feedback reviews from satisfied clients to make you online appearance good.
  • Tell Customers to visit your business website for the latest updates and discount that will help your SEO Ranking.
  • Update discount post on Google Local Listing.

This might feel slow and small step towards getting a business online or may not drive many customers to you at the beginning but once your business visibility will get stable on the search engine this will surely take your small business to the other level.

Getting Leads for Small Business with The Help of SEO