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6 Tips To Easily Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook is an excellent platform for connecting with and interacting with like-minded groups of people. The Facebook news feed is just where we see most of our friends’, groups’, and pages’ latest updates. Despite the fact that it is based on your daily usage, it is clogged with unnecessary garbage of news. You’re bound to come across meaningless photos, posts from groups and pages, and even advertisements that you’re not interested in seeing. Fortunately, decluttering your Facebook feed is achievable. These are just a few quick ways to declutter your Facebook feed without unfriending anyone.

Without Unfriending Anybody else, You Can Easily Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

On Facebook, you may encounter a variety of content, which include unimportant memes, political articles, pictures and videos of people you’ve never met, and notifications from groups and pages of which you have little interest. These may clog your news feed and obscure the content you definitely like to see.

We’ve included a few quick tips below on how to tidy up your Facebook feed by erasing all unwanted posts.


6 Tips To Easily Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed

1. Unfollow, Snooze or Take a Break

Don’t like to see a specific person’s posts in your feed? To end it, Facebook provides three convenient tools for decluttering the news feed. You can unfollow the individual, take a pause from their profile for some time, or snooze their profile for about 30 days.

Unfollow: Because once you unfollow anyone, their posts will disappear from your Facebook newsfeed. You will, however, remain friends with each other. To remove a person from your Facebook Newsfeed: Tap ‘Unfollow’ in the top right corner of their post.

Take a Break: This feature allows you to disconnect from the individual on Facebook. After taking a break from someone, their posts will disappear from your Facebook newsfeed, they will be unable to see your threads, and you can also delete previous discussions.

It’s more similar to unfollowing and regulating news at once. If you want to take a break, open the individual’s profile, tap the three dots, and then select ‘Friends.’ Then choose ‘Take a break’.

Snooze: Snoozing someone hides their posts from your Facebook newsfeed for about 30 days. To Snooze anyone, click the three-dot menu next to their name in your Facebook newsfeed and select “Snooze for about 30 days”.

2. Hide Post (See Fewer Similar Posts)

Facebook allows you to hide all posts that appear in your news feed. You could use it if you wouldn’t want to see too many posts from a particular person but still want to receive periodic updates. To do so, click the post’s three-dot menu and select Hide Post.

Additionally, it works for group posts, pages, and the advertisements you see on Facebook.

3. Block Seeing Posts from Groups or Pages

Without exiting the groups, you can keep hiding posts from them from your Facebook newsfeed. To do this, open the Facebook group, click the three-dot menu on the right side, and then tap Unfollow.

Likewise, you can unfollow or unlike pages to hide their posts. Unfollow a page by opening it, tapping the three-dot menu, selecting Follow Settings, tapping Default next to “In Your Facebook Newsfeed,” and choose Off.

4. Decrease Personalized Ads

Facebook displays advertisements that it believes you might be interested in based on your activity. These advertisements can be quite disturbing at times. While you cannot completely avoid these advertisements on Facebook, you can significantly reduce personalized advertisements on the platform.

You can manually block advertisers, manage ad topics, and manage the data used to display advertisements.  This will not prevent ads from appearing in your news feed, but you will see fewer personalized ads.

5. Prioritize Who to See First

Users may wish to give a particular person or page’s posts priority over all other posts in your Newsfeed. Fortunately, Facebook’s News Feed Preferences tool makes this possible.

On the desktop version of Facebook, tap the down arrow in the upper-right corner and select Settings & Privacy >>Follow by News Feed Preferences. 

For mobile users, launch the app. Then go to the menu tab, select Settings & Privacy > Settings > Facebook NewsFeed Preferences.

On the Manage Favourites page, click Add People and Pages, and then select the people and pages you want to see on your Facebook timeline. The search bar is ideal for finding and favourite people or pages.

6.  Clean Your Facebook Timeline

Apart from cleaning up your Facebook feed, you may want to tidy up your personal timeline, which means deleting posts from your early days. As you can delete each post separately.


This article was entirely about how to tidy up your Facebook feed without unfriending anyone. I hope this helps you tidy up your Facebook news feed and enjoy a much neater platform experience. If you have any relevant questions or concerns, please contact us via the comment’s section below.